What You Need to Know About Activity Trackers

There is something rather comforting about knowing exactly what you’ve accomplished during a day.  If you tend to be a list-maker, you probably enjoy crossing items off your To-Do list (and maybe even write down some things that you’ve already done – just so you can cross it off!) It can give you a sense of accomplishment to be able to identify what you completed during the day.  When it comes to exercising, keeping a record of your physical activities can be helpful to see where you are progressing and to see what works for you in your fitness goals.

The latest wave of activity trackers are light years away from the pedometers of the past. Much more technologically advanced, these trackers can provide you with accurate health information you can use to make informed decisions. An activity tracker can even track your hear rate, enable you to be certain whether you are working in the right target zone.

Different Strokes

No matter what your personal style preference is, there is an activity tracker that will be able to accommodate your tastes.  The classic clip on style attaches to a waistband or neckline and is easy to read, typically with a large digital screen. A watch band style gives you more of an accessory than tracking device, and some varieties come with interchangeable bands.  Some resemble more of a bangle than a tracking device, and are available in a variety of colors.

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Keeping Track

Depending on the make and model of your activity tracker, your tracker will log any number of activities.  The higher end models manage your sleep cycles and remind you to take breaks at work.  Some models count how many calories you burn off, as well as your heart rate and then log the information into cloud storage for you to retrieve as desired.  No matter what information you are trying gather, chances are good you will be able to find an activity tracker to monitor the information for you.

Price Point

From the simplistic pedometer that counts steps to the more advanced trackers that can be hooked up to an iphone for even more tracking power, the prices are across the board.  Starting with a retail price of about $75, these basic trackers will do the job that you need them for – nothing else.  Middle of the road trackers can bear a price tag of around $100 and provide a few more features – wireless syncing, vibrating power alarms, you can chart your mood and more.  Upper end trackers give you syncing options, touch screens and the capability to set alarms and thresh holds.

Dedicated athletes and will be extremely pleased with the new generation of activity trackers.  The novice athlete and the weekend activists will also be happy to note that not only are the costs attainable but they are easy to use and understand.  A clear picture of your activities over a course of time will help you target areas in need of improvement.  In addition, it can help you set goals – further motivating you in your quest for good health.

When you want to know just how much activity you actually get – or don’t get – consider adding an activity tracker to your sports collection.