Fun Ways to Get Fit Without Going to the Gym

The gym can seem like a colossal waste of money.  Even more so if you are not actually going to the gym and that membership fee just keeps being deducted.  Workout gyms are relatively new to the world – and one has to wonder: how did the people of long ago stay in shape? Pictures from the turn of the last century rarely show people who are overweight.  How did they manage to stay in shape without fancy machines and physical trainers?

Keeping in mind that it is a relatively recent development where people were primarily sedentary – office jobs, machinery and the push towards urban living – all contributed to the current weight crisis in society.  If our forefathers were able to stay in shape without a cross fit trainer, is it possible to get fit without ever going to a gym?

Set a schedule

An effective program to get fit is worthless if it is never followed.  Setting a schedule that includes regular physical activity will ensure that you are getting activity.  Add your workout schedule to your overall calendar – mark it like an appointment if necessary – so that you will not try to push it off until later (read: never).

Make it a family affair

It has been proven that families who exercise together tend to be healthier and lead more fulfilling lives.  Find a sport that everyone enjoys and head to the nearest park for rousing pick-up game.  Ride your bikes together and explore your neighborhood.  Does your city have bicycle trails? You’re less likely to skip out on your exercise if you have a darling little face begging you to go outside and play. If you have a stationary exercise bike then it’s also a good option. If you don’t have one, all the more reasons to invest in one.

Step Away

The invasion of technology into the home has created a self-perpetuating cycle: eating, school, video games.  Declare one day a week to be “Tech Free” and spend the time you would have been online outside with your kids.  Leave your smart phone on the table, put your kids’ smart phones in a drawer and head outside.  Leave the tv off for the night and enjoy the chance to just talk to your kids.

Use your Surroundings

Establish a workout routine based on what you have in your area.  Do you live by government buildings with steps? Use the steps as part of your cardio workout.  If you live near a coastal area, run on the sand for a ramped up workout.  Headed to a playground? Use the parallel bars.  Living in a mountainous region will give you different options than living in the desert will.  Dig out your kids’ jump rope for a super quick and easy routine.

Avoiding the gym doesn’t mean that you can’t get in shape.  It means that you have to work smarter, not harder.  Maximize your work out potential by using the stuff you already have, and it will not only save you money, but you will find yourself getting in shape.  With some simple plans, you can establish a workout plan that will be beneficial, fun and free!