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5 Super Simple Exercise You Can Do Everyday

Other than biking, what else you do for exercise everyday? For me personally, I don’t have specific set of exercise or equipment to complement my biking rather than doing these 5 super simple exercise that take almost no effort at all. Last updated Thursday, August 6, 2015

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Should I get a heart rate monitor for my bike ride?

I’m kind of torn between getting a separate heart rate monitor or using an app on my iPhone. Most fitness trainer will suggest you getting a hrm is a better option, but then again what does it offers that an iPhone app doesn’t? So I dig a little bit deeper. Last updated Monday, August 31, 2015

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Going to the Gym or Getting an Exercise Bike?

Exercise is an important factor of staying fit and healthy. Those who have the money will enrol themselves in expensive gym memberships while some would rather invest in home gym equipment like an exercise bike. Whatever way, both will ensure a healthier lifestyle as long as they become a regular routine. This article will help […]

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