Montague Paratroper pro 27-speed mountain folding bike

When Space is Limitted but Your Engery is Not ...

Montague Folding Bike

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Product Name:

Montague Paratrooper Pro 27-Speed

Product type:

Mountain Folding Bike




Montague’s Paratrooper Pro was named because of the purpose of the Original bike’s design – to be used by paratroopers. The military needed a form of fast, lightweight transport that could be used in mountains and flatlands, paved and unpaved surfaces, and be tough enough to be dropped from an aircraft into the field without arriving in a thousand pieces.

And, just for added incentive, it had to be able to be carried and stored in small spaces as well as ridden.

With those parameters, Montague engineered the perfect answer – the full-sized, folding mountain bike.

Features and Specs



Open Dimension

Folded Dimension


Rider’s height 

29 lbs (13.15kg)

36x28x12 Inches

18in Frame: 5'3" - 5'10"
20in Frame: 5'11" - 6'4"


Depend of frame size




Frame Type

Frame size


FM32-7 3/8 x 14 G x 28 H x 130 SR Suntour XCM HLO with hydraulic lockout. 100 mm travel. Alloy one piece lower. Disc Compatiblex 170 mm

Kalloy, Alloy Direct Connect. 105mm with 7 degree rise

Custom drawn 7005 Series Aluminum with FIT System. Replaceable derailleur hanger and disc mount

18" or 20"

Kalloy. Alloy. 7 degree backsweep. 31.8 Barbore. 580mm length

Rims,Tires & Brakes


Wheel Size


Brake set



Alloy, 32 hole. Double Wall. Black


14 Gauge Stainless

Tektro Novela. Front & rear mechanical disc w/ pad adjustment. Alloy Levers

Shimano RAPIDFIRE Plus Trigger Shifters

CST Critter. Knobby. 26 x 1.95"

Pedals, Crankset & Derailleur



Front Derailleur

Rear Derailleur

SR Suntour XCM. 42/32/22. Alloy 170mm crank arm. Matte Black

Platform pedal with steel cage

Shimano Acera. Top Swing Dual Pull

Shimano SLX 9-Speed

Montague Paratrooper

Pros of Montague Partrooper Pro 27-Speed

  • Bike is ready to ride “out of the box” with no assembly required
  • Folding is extremely simple with the front and rear CLIX quick-release levers
  • Best of both worlds – rough terrain and city riding
  • Smooth shifting without jarring motions
  • 27-speeds covers city riding, hilly areas, sandy soil, hard-packed dirt and trails with steep uphill climbs
  • Folds to a size that can be tossed into a small car and with the carry bag, can be carried on planes with you
  • Fits in overhead storage on planes and trains
  • Prevents thieves from stealing it while shopping as it is easy to take into malls and stores
  • All parts meet international standards so there are no “special” parts if something needs to be replaced
  • Manufacturer’s warranty for all parts for one year and more than that on frame
  • Uses standard full-sized 26” wheels making riding easier on the legs and better able to maneuver gravel paths, sandy loam, back trails and damaged pavement or curbs
  • Made of aircraft grade aluminium to prevent rusting
  • Easy to carry on elevators, upstairs, on commuter trains and into stores
  • Stores in small closets on yachts, under stairwells on cabin cruisers and next to railings on speed boats
  • Perfect for small city apartments the size of postage stamps – under beds (if bed frame is high enough from ground), in closets, in hallways next to tables or insets next to stair
  • Perfect for taking in undercarriage of RV for use in campgrounds and roaming towns nearby
  • Multi-modal use such as when commuting and multiple forms of transport are used or when traveling internationally changing from plane to taxi to bike use in town
Montague Paratrooper 3

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Cons of Montague Paratrooper Pro 27-Speed

  • If you are taller, consider 4” extension for handlebars
  • Tune-ups such as checking cables, seats, brackets, tire pressure – should be done monthly if used regularly
  • Stock pedals may start clicking after a few uses and can be replaced very cheaply
  • Underinflated tires may result in punctures
  • Seat could be wider for those not accustomed to narrow racing seats or who are larger in the seating region
  • Any assembly or alterations must be made at a professionally licensed and operated bike shop in order to maintain the validity of the warranty

My Verdict

Personal Experience

My personal experience with the Montague Paratrooper Pro was limited to spending three weeks with my cousin at his home in Boston and our weekend – well, it was actually 4 days – in Newport, Rhode Island. The bike belongs to him and you’d think he’d want to give it to me for my birthday or something, right?

We took his bike with us in the trunk of his Saturn along with our bags and rode it around the island up and down steep hills, across the rugged beaches as well down to Easton Beach in the sand.

We took it on the bus with us and into several cafés and restaurants while there. It sat snuggly against the wall next to our table out of the way of servers and staff and in front of us in the bus seat.

I also snagged it from him when we returned to Boston because I wanted to see how it did in the city and I really think that I was tested for stamina more than the bike.

I loved taking into the shops and pubs instead of locking it up outside and worrying about it getting stolen. Bottom line, I was so in love with this bike I ordered mine right after the trip.

If I Were Going to Start a Business Today

It is beginning to become a common site to see adults dressed in suits instead of sporting gear riding bikes to work in many cities across the U.S. New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Albany, Chicago, Minneapolis, Santa Cruz, Ca., Austin, Houston, Cleveland, Newark, Savannah, Atlanta, St. Louis, Baltimore and Buffalo, NY – all among the top 25 cities for transportation bike riding vs. recreational bike riding.

As a result, in Washington, D.C. there is a covered bike park facility where riders can store their bikes while they go to work, shop or picnic in the park. In Japan, they have an automated underground bike parking facility that they say is the same approximate size as 4 parking spaces in dimension except for the height.

You put your bike into the stall, take a parking slip and pay on return. This is the business that I would choose if I wanted to make really good money with little effort today.


If you enjoy recreational biking and would like to at least have the option of riding a bike to work whether as the sole means of transportation or as part of a combination – such as park and ride options – the Montague Paratrooper Pro is the one to invest in. After all, how often are you really going to buy a ‘new’ bike?

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