Columba Folding Bike W.Shimano 18 Speed Review

Good Full-Sized Folding Bike for the Price

columba folding bike

Review Summary

Product Name:

Columba 26" Folding Bike w.Shimano 18 Speed, Black

Product type:

Folding Bike


$225 and Free Shipping


The Columba 26” Folding Bike is the best entry-level, low-priced folding bike for those who are looking for a reliable personal mode of transportation for work and recreational riding in urban areas.

Features and Specs


Wheel Size


Open Dimension

Folded Dimension

Kenda 26"

Shimano 18 Speed

26x9x52 Inches

38x29x14 Inches

Weight & Height


Rider weight

Rider’s height (Suggested)

34 lbs (15.4 kg)

Up to 200 lbs

5' 3" - 6' 0"

(Riders 5’ 10” to 6’ 2” may
need seat post extender)

Special detail

Front handle stem( quick removable) with silver color cap made of alloy& PVC black bell.

Front/rear steel hub

Steel kick stand

Columba folding bike

Pros of Columba 26" Folding Bike

  • Entry-level price under $300
  • Color options are available for a slight increase in price
  • Unlike other folding bikes, this one can be stored either fully or partially folded
  • Has holes to install standard bike luggage rack and water bottle holster
  • Great for Students at College to get to/from or around Campus
  • Fits inside compact car and most trunks
  • Great on paved and well-maintained roadways
  • Good for moderate inclines but wouldn’t try to ride up a steep grade
  • Very quick to fold and unfold
  • Full-sized 26” wheels makes it a better ride
  • Slightly shorter wheelbase than a regular bike but still a comfortable ride
  • Easy to take on any city bus, subway or commuter train
  • Fairly well-made for this price bracket
Columba folding bike 4

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Cons of Columba 26" Folding Bike

  • Weighs 35 lbs. making it on the heavier side for folding bikes
  • Prepare (with tools) to install front wheel on arrival
  • If you tie a lock system around the top tube area when riding it, tangling is likely
  • Difficult to carry up more than one flight of stairs or for more than a few blocks because of weight
  • You cannot turn and peddle at the same time or your foot will hit the tire .. so there is a small learning curve involved
  • For paved roads only so limited to using in urban areas
  • Brakes, seats and handlebar post may need professional bike repair to set them properly before use .. usually only the seat needs adjustment on arrival, however

My Verdict

Personal Experience

I have been trying out several folding bikes in order to find out which one I want to buy. Luckily, I have a lot of friends that ride bikes to work rather than buy a car or take a taxi, bus or subway.

I moved from Florida to New York City and the reasons for owning a car now is only to drive out of town for the weekend. Otherwise, it is a real pain.

You might drive around the block for an hour to find a parking lot with space available. Monthly parking garages charge between $300 and 600 a month for a space and apartment houses with garages charge about the same for tenant parking-sometimes the fee is hidden inside the amount of rent.

Driving around any given block takes about 35 minutes with normal traffic and about 90 minutes during rush hour – not that anyone is really rushing anywhere. These are just some of the reasons that I am considering buying a bike as my main transportation to work.

That said, two of my neighbors have different folding bikes and let me try them out for a weekend. One neighbor owns this Columba model which is how I had the opportunity to ride it.

I rode the bike to my workplace just to see how long it would take and if I wanted to make this a daily habit. The ride was smooth and the bike went over potholes and street bumps without a hitch.

It didn’t require a huge amount of leg strength to ride a fair distance and took small inclines with no extra effort at all.

The bike’s owner did give me a lesson in turning and made sure that I was comfortable doing it his way before he let me out of his sight. He said he wiped out the first time he made a turn as he would on his regular bike.

I returned part way on the subway and didn’t have any real trouble folding and unfolding it or carrying it down and up the stairs to the street. I’m sure that I would be more likely to take the subway home or to work if we had a thunderstorm.

I put the folded bike in front of my seat and it didn’t make a run for it when the train took off or jerked to a stop which was a really good thing to know.

Best Situation for Owning

Not every folding bike is suitable for all situations and when I took it down a dirt road on Sunday, neither the bike nor I were very happy. It slid sideways and acted like the dust was quicksand. Still, on pavement, it was terrific.

I would recommend this bike for anyone living in a town, city, village with roads that are fairly well maintained. Even though it scooted over most potholes I noticed, it probably isn’t a good idea to ride on roads that are full of holes, uplifted areas or sharp debris.


For an entry-level price point, the Columba is the best folding bike in its class. It provides all the essentials for a decent ride and is durable enough to last several years. If you can only afford to spend $299 for a new bike, then this is the one to choose.

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