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4 Ways to Keep Your 2-Wheeler Where You Left It

Best bike lock

For all of you that invested in some form of 2-wheeled transportation that you cannot always take inside with you, the shackling system becomes a top priority – if you want to find your bike where you left it.

So, if you need to handcuff your 2-wheeled carriage to the nearest hitching post, here are my picks for 4 best bike locks available today. Check out my comparison chart at the end of this posting which includes where each works best.


Lock Name




Suitable for

Budget Friendly

Kryptolok Series 2 with Transit FlexFrame Bracket and Cable

Inside Dimensions: 9” x 4” x 1 ½

 3.6 lbs

2 keys, free registration with Kryptonite, U-Lock and separate steel cable

Areas where a lock is needed to discourage theft but not areas where there is a high rate of bike theft

The lightweight champion

Abus Mini 140 U-Lock

7 ½” x 4 1/4”
Interior: 3”

2.2 lbs

4 Keys, Double bolting system (locks on either side)

Areas where some bike theft is known to occur but not frequently; great in cities IF used in combination with other locking mechanisms (wheel locks, e.g.)

Personal Favorite

TiGr 125 Flexible Titanium Lock

24” or 30” lengths

1.5 lbs

2 Keys, security tag, bow, lock and 2 Velcro straps

Great for city use and in high-crime theft areas alone or with additional mechanisms; recommended for high-priced bikes in any area

The Ultimate Anti-theft solution

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc

3.25" x 6"

14.8 lbs

3 Keys, U-Lock, 18mm Chain, Double bolting system, rubberized chain cover; Length of chain determines price – 36” or 60”

This is the one to use in cities and areas where theft is “expected” – this one fits motorbikes, scooters and motorcycles

Budget Friendly Bike Lock

Kryptolok Series 2 U-Loc with Transit FlexFrame Bracket and 4-Foot Cable

  • Lowest priced Kryptonite locking system
  • U-Lock with pick or drill resistant cylinder style lock
  • Separate 4-foot steel cable to use with U-Loc or with other locking devices
  • FlexFrame bracket that allows install on round, oval, triangular or square tubing
  • 360-degree rotation on bracket
  • 2 keys that can be registered free with Kryptonite within 10-days of receipt
  • Inside space of U-Loc is 9” high x 4” wide

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There is something about major metropolitan city people that instantly responds to a bike – any bike. I’m not sure if it’s some kind of collective nostalgia about simpler days and times or if it’s about the mechanical age that promises a mode of escape from the crowd that constantly surrounds us.

Regardless, show a city kid a bike, close your eyes and magic happens – it disappears.

Kryptonite, the maker of this locking system, has been around for quite a while and has developed a deserved reputation for quality products and excellent customer service. The Kryptolok Series 2 U-Loc system is one of their lightest weight locks coming in at about 3.2 lbs.

One thing to know is that the company does specify that the cable that is part of the system should only be used with this lock. I suspect that has something to do with the warranty.

Open the package right away and register the keys with Kryptonite immediately! They will replace your keys for free once and for a small fee after that.

Because the interior space is high and wide enough, I do know people who have been able to lock 2 bikes together at the same time. Of course, it depends on the type of bike you own and what you are securing it to for this double use will work for you. The cylinder lock is only on one end of the u-lock so you’ll need to pay attention to which side of a post your bike is on.

This is not the lock you want to buy if you live in New York City, Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles where bike thieves are a business all of their own.

But, if you live in upstate New York, suburban areas and other areas where stealing is not the predominant method of acquiring a new bike, this lock will work very well for you. If you are unsure about how much bike theft there is, buy a wheel locking system and use both.

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The Lightweight Champion

Abus Mini 140 U-Lock

  • Corrosion resistant U-lock
  • 4 Keys
  • Weighs 2.2 lbs
  • Double cylinders so bolts on either side
  • When Locked: 7 ½” x 4 1/4” Interior space: 3”
  • Made in Germany
  • 2 color options: Red or Yellow

What people said about Abus Mini 140 U-Lock

abus mini 140 3
abus mini 140 1

When I visit to my grandmother’s house in Newport, Rhode Island, I don’t need a bike lock that’s going to keep Houdini away but I do prefer one that will stand up to the possibility of corroding in salt air.

I keep this lock at her house so that I’m not forgetting it at home.

Even though it sounds like the interior space is awfully small, it is big enough to lock the frame of a bike to a round bike rack. No mount is included but it can either be bought separately or you could do what my neighbor’s son does: At only 2.2 lbs., put it in your backpack.

You need to purchase your own cable to secure the wheels to the lock, but in a way that can be a better option since you can choose the length you need instead of being stuck with one that is too short.

The locking mechanism is both smaller and thicker than the Kryptolok Series 2 (above) which can make it more difficult to cut. But, that same feature can also make it more difficult for those with big hands to lock up – depending on the situation.

This is one of the best bike locks for small city or large town use but since I live in New York City, I would use extra locks to inhibit temptation.

I figure it this way: the longer it takes for a thief to break a lock free, the better chance he/she has of getting caught.

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My personal favorite

TiGr 125 Flexible Titanium Lock

  • 2 Keys
  • Security tag
  • Titanium Bow
  • Cylinder Lock
  • 2 Velcro securing straps
  • Weighs 1.5 lbs
  • Optional lengths: 24” and 30” for the bow

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TiGr 125 Flexible Titanium 1
TiGr 125 Flexible Titanium 2

When it comes to bike locks, this is my personal favorite! Of course, living in New York City, the need for a method to shackle my bike to a permanent fixture is mandatory - if I want to find it where I left it five minutes earlier, anyway.

I stress permanent because it’s a well-known fact that you can tell someone is a tourist when they lock their bike to a bike rack in front of any store. There are actually thieves that will scout out these racks and lay in wait until several bikes are tied to the hitching posts and then load up the rack, bikes and all into the back of a pick-up. At that point, it doesn’t matter what kind of lock you own, it’s gone with the wind.

In any city, image is important to success and that includes the locking device chosen for your bike. This particular bike fettering system exhibits an image of strength. It deters thieves because it is one single piece of metal that goes from wheel to wheel around the fixture it’s tied to. It’s sleek and shiny and perfect for the professional geeks and sassy divas.

City dwellers know the power of flare and flourish in doing anything. Waving the bow of this locking device around in mid-air prior to hooking it up to the nearest lamp post is one of the recommended styles of bike locking procedures.

If you are looking for a bike lock for campus bike racks, get the 30” to be sure that it will be long enough. The Velcro cinch straps are to secure the bow to the tube on your bike when not in use and the locking cylinder can stay on the bow. Neither one will fall off as you ride, by the way.

Whatever you do, do not lock or unlock this device near a drainage grate. Keys have a nasty habit of slipping from cold fingers and diving directly into the nearest drain! You only get 2 keys and because this system is made in Germany, getting a duplicate is next to impossible!

I suppose I should mention that there is a learning curved involved here when it comes to getting used to locking and unlocking it. Don’t despair! It’s a short learning curve.

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The Ultimate Anti-Theft Solution

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc

  • Anti-theft protection Offer up to $4500
  • Double bolting U-lock system
  • Hefty, 18 mm manganese steel 6-sided chain links
  • Rubberized nylon protective cover
  • Good for bicycles, motor scooters, motorcycles and snow mobiles
  • Chain length options: 3-feet or 5-feet
  • Weighs 15.5 lbs
  • Register your 3 Keys immediately
  • Manufactured in U.S.A

Customer Reviews on Amazon.com

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc 1

The guys that designed this one must have had a few bikes stolen and wanted to be able to identify any thief that took off with their bike – they’ll be the one with the sudden hernia!

Anyone that owns this lock will tell you that it’s heavy. No, it’s not heavy – it’s onerously weighty! It comes in at just a touch over 15 lbs. and 18 mm translates to about ¾” thickness for each link. A lot of people look at this lock and their eyes stop blinking as they try to imagine what tank this came off.

Few people ever notice the U-lock device with the double locking method because they never follow the chain that far (or because by comparison, it looks small). But, the lock is just as strong as the chain and keeps the chain together while you’re out of sight.

If you can afford to take the anti-theft insurance protection, it can’t hurt. Of course, there haven’t been any reports thus far (over 4-years) of theft – but you could be the first.

And, if you have a really expensive bike (scooter, motorcycle, snowmobile, tractor, 4-wheeler), the last thing you want is to be the only one who ever had the bike stolen while hitched up with this New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc!

There is another advantage to this heavy-duty chain lock: it can become a ninja warrior weapon against experienced city muggers. Of course, that presupposes you can lift it and swing it in case of an emergency. If you aren’t sure what 15 lbs. feels like, pick up 3 bags of sugar and carry them around a store in one arm for a few minutes.

Primarily, this device is designed for moderate to high-theft areas such as major cities where bikes are taken for the sake of commuting. For those who live outside the city, this lock would be good for storing your winter vehicles in summer and vice versa or for securing a bike to a trailer or rack that is not on the top of your vehicle.

If there is one single locking system that deserves the title of Best Bike Lock Ever made when based solely on theft-prevention, it’s this one.​

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Buying a bike, whether for yourself or your child, has become a significant monetary investment. It’s important to buy the best bike lock that you can afford that fits your situation and where it will be used.

You might even decide to buy one for your living area and a different type for places that you visit every once in a while.

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