7 Reasons You should Get a Stationary Exercise Bike Today

People who don’t want to join a gym will, eventually, look for things they can buy to work out with at home. A stationary bike is a popular choice in that domain, primarily because it offers a lot of variety that you don’t necessarily get with most of the other fitness equipments.

Top 7 Benefits That Only a Stationary Bike Can Offer

There are a few key benefits that only stationary best exercise bikes can offer, including..
  • Get a workout at a variety of fitness levels.
  • Motorized or manual versions are available depending on how much effort you would like to put into your workout.
  • Create a designated workout area in your home to motivate you.
  • Track your calories burned or workout progress with an easy-to-read digital display.
  • Work out sitting down to save your joints.
  • Models with programmable workouts are available to work your body.
  • Increase the resistance as your fitness level improves.

The key to getting the maximum benefit from your exercise bike depends solely on getting the right bike. Think about the features that you are likely to use and the fitness level that you want to achieve with your fitness regimen—and accordingly look for exercise bikes that can meet those requirements.

Potential Considerations

If you are planning on buying an exercise bike there are a few things that you need to consider beforehand :

  • Some bikes can be quite big. If you are short on space consider finding a slim model or one that can be compressed for storage so it does not get in the way. There are even pedal models that you can pair with an everyday chair.
  • Motorized exercise bikes could make a bit of noise. Consider this if you are putting this bike in a public part of your home or near an area where others might be sleeping.
  • Exercise bikes offer a great cardio workout, but they will only work to tone your lower body. If you are hoping to add tone to your arms then you will need to invest in free weights or other equipment.

A high quality exercise bike is going to be a fairly sizable expense so you want to read about the models you are considering carefully. For instance, weigh in the pros and cons that other buyers have found so you know what it will be like to have it home or what kind of results you can come to expect from the unit.

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Comparing a Stationary Bike to a Treadmill

People investing in home gym equipment often consider a stationary bike or a treadmill so you will need to consider how each of these pieces of equipment will impact your workout results.

  • Treadmills are usually more compact. Most of them can be folded up after use to save space. Stationary bikes often take up a bit more space so you’re going to need to create a designated space in your home to accommodate them.
  • Treadmills will generally let you burn more calories than a stationary bike during a single workout session. This might be ideal for those that are focused on losing a great deal of weight.
  • Stationary exercise bikes offer more of a variety of impact levels. This makes it easier to increase the difficulty as your fitness level improves so the expensive equipment that you’ve invested in doesn’t become outdated.
  • Stationary bikes also provide a lower impact workout. Sitting down while you pedal allows you to take a lot of the stress off your joints so you are at a lower risk of injury or strain in case you’re exercising regularly.
  • Both bikes and treadmills generally offer the same benefits including adjustable speeds, motorized or manual settings or digital readouts that will allow you to monitor your progress during your workout. A lot of exercise bike models also include programmed workouts that allow you to tone up resistance during your workout to work more muscles at the same time.

Those that are new to following a regular exercise routine or are using exercise as part of a physical therapy routine are usually recommended to get an exercise bike instead of a treadmill. The bike offers a low impact workout that is safer for those at a higher risk of injury.

The pedaling motion also help reduce inflammation and swelling in the legs which can be painful and hinder the healing process. As your energy and fitness levels improve you can increase the resistance on the bike or your speed to move into the next level of workout.

Taking into account the different features that stationary bikes offer we can safely conclude that it is perfect for getting a solid cardio workout. The low impact exercise also means you can use it every day to get the results you need, which is perfect for those that are serious about improving their fitness levels.