Top 10 Most Effective Exercises

When it comes to fitness and/or losing weight, exercise is one of the best and most obvious methods to getting what you want. A lot of the most common techniques mentioned here are already well-known, but it’s still worth mentioning how beneficial they can be.


Anyone who has taken gym class in high school knows what a push-up is. It’s one of the most basic exercises you can perform, and it requires zero equipment. It works out a lot of the muscles in your arms for the most part, but in reality it exercises nearly all parts of your body.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are something that most of us learned as a kid, and they’re very simple to do. They give you a good workout in your leg muscles as well as your arms and back to an extent. Its main purpose is to keep your heart rate up, which it will do quite well and in a short amount of time.


Lunges might be a slightly more challenging exercise for some people, but it certainly gives you quite a workout in your legs. Ideally you want your knees to be touching the ground as you come down. This makes it the most effective.

Jumping Squats

All you have to do is jump as high as you can, and then squat as you land on your feet. Repeat for as many times as appropriate. It tends to become quite strenuous very quickly, but it gives your legs and lungs quite a workout.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are a pretty basic move in concept, but it turns out that it’s extremely challenging to do for any decent length of time. Thus, it turns out to be a very effective workout in a number of different areas, most of which will be in your legs.


Crunches are similar to ordinary sit-ups, except rather than going all the way up, you simply “crunch” the muscles in your stomach, and come back down. It can give you quite a burn down there, but it turns out to be a very effective ab workout.


runningRunning is something that a lot of people don’t like to do, but if you do it often enough you’ll notice vastly improved cardiovascular fitness. It helps out your lungs a great deal, and it also does quite a number on your legs to some extent.


With the help of an upright exercise bike, you can pedal your way to better shape in the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of good models out there at reasonable price. If upright is not your preferred position, then recumbent exercise bike is also a good choice.


Most people know all about sit-ups. Hands go either behind the head or across the chest, and from a position laying down, you pull yourself into as close to sitting as possible, and then come back down. Works out your core quite a bit.


This move involves essentially pretending to be a wooden plank on its side, and holding yourself as stiff as possible. This can also be combined with leg raises for a more effective workout.


This isn’t so much an exercise as it is a necessity to prevent a few common injuries from occurring. Stretching should happen when your muscles are already warm rather than at the beginning of an exercise when everything is still cold. Otherwise, cramps may occur.