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Whether it’s a foldable bike, a road bike or a mountain bike, we have done all the research and testing to give you the list of the best bikes on the market. We review all the best products from established brands like Schwinn, Shimano,  or Dahon, that cover a wide range of usages, budgets & designs.

We rank products the way we’d buy them ourselves.

Practicality 1


We look at features, spec, material and many other things. We do a test run on each bike to give a rating for practicality. This encompasses everything that has to do with whether the bike serves its purpose. For this reason, practicality accounts for 40% of our final rating

 Durability 1


How well made a given bike is, has a lot to do with whether it is made to last for several years or whether it will need to be replaced within the first 12-months.  We gave a lower score to those bikes that had weaker frames. This category accounts for 20% of our final rating

cost 1


Price can be a very important factor for many cyclist. A bike that costs $500 can sometimes go toe to toe with a bike that costs few thousand bucks. This is part of our analysis and makes up 20% of our final rating.

 User Experience 1

User Experience

We collect comments & reviews from real users and come up with a “user experience” rating. It might be someone we know, or a review on Amazon, or a conversation we have on a forum. User experience takes up 20% of how finally rate a product.

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